“Yoga means addition- addition of energy, strength and beauty to body, mind and soul.” 
-Amit Ray

Indeed, yoga is an ancient Indian Science of health and wellness. It lends peace to the mind, health to the body and joy to the heart. Yoga is not just different yogic postures or breathing techniques, even it is a way of life. Around the world, yoga has changed lives with its holistic practices. Amrit Yoga Week - ‘Yoga for Humanity’ is a wonderful opportunity slated by the Government of India to introduce Yoga to one’s life. The week-long event is a significant part of Aazadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav that marks the 75th anniversary of India’s hard earned freedom. Unity College organised the Amrit Yoga Week starting from 14th June that concluded on 21st June- the 8th International Yoga Day. Its prime objective was to raise awareness about yoga and its benefits, and also to create an overall healthy environment all across the world.  

Around 90 students of Unity College and Unity College II Shift joined the Yoga training under the dedicated and committed Instructor Mr. Ravi Singh.  Early in the morning, they gathered in the basketball court to do different yoga moves and exercises for physical fitness, mental alertness, and emotional balance.The week-long practice culminated on the International Yoga Day.

A short programme was hosted on 21st June to mark the International Yoga Day. The function commenced with the divine rendition from the Quran, the Gita and the Bible. It was followed by the mellifluous College II ShiftTarana ‘Unity College MeraChaman’. Then the students presented a plethora of asanas step by step, and also a beautiful formation accompanied by soothing background music. The show enthralled one and all, and the spontaneous response was a big round of applause. The students were honoured and applauded with a Certificate of Participation, while their instructor Mr. Ravi Singh was conferred with a Cash Gift.

The Chief Guest for the occasion was Mr. Shahid Manzar Abbas Rizvi- IAS Officer while the Guest of Honour, Mr. A. K. Saxena- General Secretary, UP Non-Olympic Association. Also present were Mr. G.P. Tripathi- Joint Secretary and Mr. YogendraChoudhary- Zonal Secretary of UP Non-Olympic Association, Mr. Raza Husain- Amicus Public School, and Mr. Anwar Husain, Legal Advisor. Principal Mr. Francis Castelino formally welcomed the esteemed guests.

Addressing the gathering, Mr. Shahid Abbas Manzar Abbas said that Yoga is a holistic approach to healthy and peaceful living. Since the Pandemic, people have become health conscious, and are looking for ways to boost immunity. Hence, more and more people are turning to Yoga that is actually a union of the Creator and the creature. In a broader sense, it promotes mental and physical health along with spiritualism.

In conclusion, College Secretary Mr. Najmul Hasan Rizvi shed light on the significance of Yoga Day, and motivated the students to continue practising yogaasanas, it doesn't matter if they do it alone at home.

 The programme of health and harmony concluded with the National Anthem.

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