“Felicitation is an inspiration to others and motivation to whom you are felicitating.”                                                                                                                                                                         

The glorious morning of 18th July was set to honour and applaud the successful students of ICSE 2022 at Unity College. This year, the students registered the best of all previous years’ Board results, leaving the previous records far behind, and that also despite all odds and roller coaster shifts of online and offline paradigms, even the induction of MCQs and Semester System. The College has registered stupendous results of 100%, with none failing in any of the subjects. In total 126 students wrote the exam. 34 students scored 90% plus, 39 students obtained 80% plus, while the rest registered between 63% and 79%. What is commendable is the average % of 82.23. The highest marks in Computer Application, Commercial Studies and Urdu are 100%. 

The overall result witnessed a close contest. The topper of the College, Syed Siddiq Husain Musanna scored 98.40%, while the second place holder, Mohammad Sadiq registered 98.20%, just behind by a hair margin of .20%. The third place is shared by TaibaBasit and Fatima Naqvi scoring 95.80%. 

The Felicitation Programme kick started with the divine rendition. It was followed by garlanding the toppers and the meritorious students who scored 90% plus. The parents along with their wards were conferred with honour. 

Principal Mr. Francis Castelino congratulated the successful learners, their teachers and parents. He was overwhelmed to acknowledge the vision of College Founder Padma Bhushan recipient late Dr. S. Kalbe Sadiq, that is ‘Excellence in Education’. Janab stressed on education, esp. of girls to do away with the woes of ignorance and poverty in the community. 

Dr. Kalbe Sibtain Noori, Manager - Unity College II Shift, highlighted Janab’s Will of ‘No Favouritism at the Time of Admission’ and ‘Honesty in all Affairs’. And that is one of the biggest factors behind the excellent result of the year.

Also present on the occasion was distinguished Guest Maulana Ehtishamul Hasan. He blessed the hi-fliers to scale the pinnacle of success in their future endeavours. And always be truthful and noble. 

Towards the conclusion, the choir group presented with a mellifluous ‘Qaseeda’ to mark the joyous occasion of Eid-e-Ghadeer. It multiplied the joy of success among students, teachers and parents. Sweet refreshments sweetened the spirit of the shining learners, proud teachers and parents.

The Felicitation Ceremony culminated with vote of thanks by Vice Principal Mr. Sachindra Bharti. 

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