Muharram the first month of the Islamic calendar is much more than a mourning event. It reflects on the detrimental effects of oppression and gives strength to the oppressed to refuse to bow down to despotism even in adverse circumstances. 

The annual remembrance of the calamities which befell on Imam Hussein (A.S) and his family acts as a reset button for many of us. It’s a reminder for drilling into young minds the virtues of truth over falsehood, fidelity and loyalty,patience, being solicitous and emancipation from pride. From an eighty year old to a six month new born, each one side of Imam Hussein (A.S)was a model of rectitude on the day of ‘Ashura’. 

The precincts of Unity College draped itself in sombre mood to mark the beginning of a six day long commemoration of the martyrs of Karbala. 

An initiative of the College Theology Department, to pay condolences to the warriors of the tragedy of Ashura saw melange oforations,odes, eulogies and couplets in adulation of their valour and courage and lamenting the supreme sacrifices were presented before the grieving audience.

Principal Mr. Francis Castelino, speaking at the culmination of the event urged the students and everyone present to follow the teachings of Imam Hussein (A.S). He expressed his concern over rising intolerance in the society and felt that the only way to combat it, is to tread the path of Imam Hussein (A.S)of doing good even to his adversaries. He praised the students and the teachers for their efforts.

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