The Student Exchange Program is not a new phenomenon, but the student mobility has gained currency to share insights and knowledge with their counterparts. Besides, it gives students time and ability to focus on higher level tasks, to learn and develop new skills. Above all, the trust that binds them goes far in the long run to integrity and brotherhood. 

Complying with the same belief, Unity College hosted a Student Exchange Programme to hail the Student Delegation from Gandhiji School Puducherry and Apna School, Kanpur on 5th July, 2022. The delegation of class X students and Teachers was formally welcomed by Principal Mr. Francis Castelino. He said no child is poor, but only a child; and it is our foremost duty to hold their hands for academic reform. 

Next the guests were abreast of the College Activities and Achievements via a PPT. Ms. Shabana Ahmad- Principal, Unity College II Shift briefed the screen display of the proud academic journey. She also conducted a small activity to have interaction of the guest students with the students of Unity College and Unity College II Shift. First of all, an ice-breaker activity was conducted to kick start the interaction. Some guest students were paired with the host students. They interacted with each other and introduced their partners on the mic. The acquainting activity was enjoyed all through by the students.

Teachers too became free with each other. Language was no barrier, English was the common language among them. Even a translator was present to add to the clarity of Communication. 

Ms. Ezabella from Belgium, a social activist who helps the organisation, shared that both the schoolsaccommodate poverty stricken children of labourers under the aegis of Mala India Foundation and Asha Trust. Students too apprised the audience of their school set up and their academic as well as co-curricular accomplishments. Moreover, the full year residential schools also assist the aspiring students after class XII to pursue their dream career. 

The College Secretary Mr. Najmul Hasan Rizvi was overwhelmed to meet the delegation. He said they were doing a great work of grooming, mentoring and empowering the under par sector to come out of the pathos of poverty and social backwardness. He exhorted them to acquire conceptual as well as employment driven education, and to excel in whatever field they choose to pursue. He wished them bright success in their future prospects. 

The goodwill meet concluded with a sumptuous lunch and the College tour. It left an indelible mark of Lucknawi hospitality and cherishable memories.



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