Moving into the 76th Independent Year the College premises bustled with vigorous manoeuvres on the succeeding day.

Class 5 of the Primary wing paid reverence to the illustrious nation twice. Keeping the spirit of Amrit Mahotsav alive, they crafted tricolour themed bookmarks and gingered them up with five resolutions to transform the country into India of their dreams. In the next leg of the activity pertaining to Independence Day celebrations class 5 weaved magic with their artistry and designed white T-shirts in saffron, white and green. The T-shirts evoked patriotism in fervid students.Another grade of the Primary section indulged in the celebratory decoration and draped class 4 rooms in tricolour accessories to spruce up the patriotic environment. Class 3 saluted the nation on Independence Day by paying a colourful tribute, their love and affection for the country was evident in their meticulous designs of wall hangings. Flipping through the pages of history, class 2 dived deep to pick up exquisite pearls from the past to come up with an informative Independence Day guides.Even the tiniest of the lot, class 1 paid allegiance to the revered nation by decorating their chests with tricolour badges, their sparkling eyes narrated the tale of their love for the nation.

The Pre-Primary section too had a hand in the Amrit Mahotsav. Class Prep pitched in the frolic of the 75th Independence Day and exchanged handmade greeting cards.Their creativity spoke volumes about their dedication and sincerity towards the motherland.Upper Nursery gave wings to their patriotism and made tri-colour paper butterflies and wished the country to be as colourful as a butterfly.The concluding act of the day was the extension of ‘GharGharTiranga, HarGhar Tiranga’ motto. The little artisans of Lower Nursery made the national flag and waved them high at the beckoning of the Prime Minister.

Headmistress Ms. Kainaat Mansoor gave a hearty message to the teachers and the students on the day. She urged both the sections to follow the footsteps of the freedom fighters and be honest and do their duties whole heartedly.

The last day of the Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav witnessed another chain of activities. The Senior Secondary students pepped up the festivity with a scintillating special assembly. A melodious ode to the nation was paid through a patriotic hymn followed by the pledge dedicated to the nation. A super exciting quiz based on historical facts was conducted towards the end. The student’s keenness could be seen as they jostled to get a chance to participate. The performance of the students brought cheer to the celebrations.

Principal Mr. Francis Castelino speaking on the occasion called for a new wave of energy in the new generations. He wished to see a positive change in the students.


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