Speech is power: Speech is to persuade, to convert, to compel.
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

With an impetus to boost confidence, instill love for literature and harbour recital and oratory skills of students,the Primary section of Unity College organised the Annual Recitation and Declamation Competition. The ambience and aura of the chocked up venue resembled annual festivities. The enthusiastic audience cheered for the performances alike.

First the waves of euphonious poetry swept the throng to the world of poetic imagination. The Judges were left stunned by the impeccable performances and the colourful crafted devices that were used as props.

Classes I and II enthralled the audience with their melodious renditions. Varied topics were chosen by class I for presentations. Class I ABC gave performances on ‘Three Magic Words’, ‘Spring Time ‘and‘Being Clean’ respectively.Another set of gala performances was by class II.They displayed assortment of themes which were ‘Children of the World’, ‘Little Red’ and ‘Mum’.

At the end of the first part College VicePrincipal Mr. Sachin Bharti congratulated the teachers and students for putting up a spectacular show after a considerable time gap of two years due to the pandemic.

The second leg of the event was the Declamation Competition for the students of classes III to V. The poised orators articulated content from the motivational and inspirational speeches of well-knownpersonalities. 

Class III A delivered the famous speech of Charlie Chaplin which brings home the fact that there is no dearth of opportunities and there is room for everyone.Section B spoke the words of Ishita Katyal making a point that now is the time to live one’s dream.The third section of the same class enlightened everyone on how to break free from a toxic habit and change oneself.

Class IV A presented the speech of Winston Churchill and made up a point to be ever ready to rise up to the occasion. Section B threw light on the importance of women’s education through the speech of Mrs. Indira Gandhi.Spirited speakers of IV-C talked about our incredible India in the words of Sara Demkow.

The phenomenal orators of class V-A mesmerised the audience by putting forth the idea of gender equality through the speech of SushmitaSen.Class V-B gave power packed performances declaiming the speech of Oprah Winfrey and convincing to reach out to people to be a better a version of oneself.Class V-C implored young people to take risks in life and to never lose hope by presenting the speech of Jack Ma.

The animated speakers galvanised the senses of the gathering by giving superb performances.The young participants were immaculate at oration and astonished everyone present.

College Joint Secretary Dr. M. Talha speaking on the occasion, heaped praises on students and teachers for slogging so hard to reach this level. He appreciated the teachers for their dedication and sincerity.

College Secretary Mr. Najmul Hasan Rizvi took a trip down memory lane and reminisced for not getting such a platform back then. He declared that the College is nothing less than any of the leading schools in Lucknow.

College Principal Mr. Francis Castelino, felt it was a flawless presentation put up by the students as he watched them, without batting an eyelid. He extolled the Section for putting up the show.
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