Language and culture of a country rejuvenates social ties and connects people across the entire country that goes ahead to empower a strong nation. In the same lines, as Hindi is the most widely spoken language in India, it is the language of love, togetherness and brotherhood. Hindi Diwas is celebrated on 14th September with great pride and vigor to mark the day when it was adopted as the official language of our nation in 1949. Unity College celebrated Hindi Diwas on 14th September with the prime objective to pay tribute as well as inculcate love for the language and mark its significance for India and Indians.

The enthusiastic students and teachers gathered in the Basketball Court for the Special Assembly, deliberately organised in Hindi mode to motivate the students to adopt the language of the people and appreciate its rich literature. The zealous tone of the morning greeting ‘Su Prabhat’ braced for the thrilling assembly to follow. The high-spirited oath was joined by one and all learners to be loyal to oneself, family and the nation. Then the melodious lines of ‘Hamko Man Ki Shakti Dena’ rocked the aura of the language and struck the very chords in hearts. The eloquent speech abreast them with the significance of the language. The Inter-House Quiz for the Juniors encompassed the origin of the language, its alphabet and transcript while the Seniors answered literary delights. The choir enthralled the students and the teachers with their articulation and confidence. The vibrant assembly culminated with the patriotic notes of the National Anthem. 

Vice Principal Mr. Sachindra Bharti added to the exciting gathering by reciting a shloka with impressive articulation and expressions- “KaakChesta, BakoDhyanam, Swan NindraTathaiwa Cha, Alphari, Grihtyagi, VidyarthiPanchLakshanam” stressing upon the qualities of a sincere student.The students were invited to explain it.

In conclusion, Principal Mr. Francis Castelino, too speaking in Hindi, showered plaudits on Hindi Department- students and teachers for putting up a fabulous show.  He motivated the students to use Hindi in their daily life without any hesitation and respect their national language. This practice proves stepping stones to incorporating unity and national integration. 

Heralding the appeal in verbatim the students of the Primary Section of the College proudly showcased their love and reverence for the mother tongue.

A flawless amalgamation of artistry, linguistic ability and adulation for Hindi could be seen in the winsome curation of Hindi vowels, using play dough, by the students of class I.

Hindi ‘Varnmala’ is incomplete without the pearls of consonants. The young enthusiasts of class II shouldered the responsibility of stringing the ‘Vyanjans’ into an exotic necklace of the Hindi alphabets. They were a step ahead of class I and customised a Pictionary by writing the Hindi consonants on scrapbooks and pasting corresponding pictures.

Keeping up with the spirit of the Hindi Diwas avid students of class III authored a Hindi dictionary. The content of the dictionaries sang tales of their in-depth knowledge of the language and their rich vocabulary. The icing on the cake was the decking up of the dictionaries in vibrant colours.

The day had a rhythmic apex too. The mellifluent Hindi poetry presented by class IV was the toast to the fervour of the day. Students dressed as characters and carrying props elocuted poems such as ‘Jhansi kiRani’, ‘Laalchi Bandar’, ‘ChetakkiVeerta’. 

Culmination of the day saw some strong points.For-Against were put forth on the topic ‘Khelo me Bhaag Lena SamaykoBarbaadKarnaHai’ by the orators of class V. The articulation in fluent Hindi left the audience euphoric.

The event left both the teachers and students spellbound. It was a pompous spectacle of rich heritage which has been cherished over generations and the legacy will continue.

HeadmistressMs. Kainaat Mansoor acclaimed the section for the efforts and urged to promote the language at all levels.

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