Every October is marked as Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a national campaign to raise awareness for this cause. Breast Cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in women and it is the second leading cause of death among women. A special webinar for Breast Cancer Awareness was organised in coordination by Headmistress, Ms. Kainaat Mansoorfor the teachers of Unity College, Lucknow on 7th October, 2022at 4 p.m. The session was conducted by the well-known Oncologist, Dr. Alok Gupta.

Dr. Alok Gupta is the Director of Medical and Haemato Oncology at Medanta Lucknow. He practices both solid tumour oncology and hematolymphoidOncology. His area of expertise is diagnosis and medical management of Cancer, including the use of chemotherapy, targeted therapy, immunotherapy and hormonal therapy. He has been actively involved in training, education and as a thesis guide of medical oncology to residents and clinical research students.

The webinar began with a comparative study of survival rates of Breast Cancer patients in Indiaand the Western World. Dr. Alok shared that women in India feel hesitant in talking about the symptoms pertaining to Breast Cancer owing to societal pressures or lack of awareness. He laid emphasis on the importance of early diagnosis in effective treatment of the disease. Dr. Alok spoke about various myths associated with Cancer, especially in India. He also provided information about the common symptoms and the possible line of treatment available in the leading hospitals of India. He enthusiastically shared that over the last few decades, medical research has improved treatment options for Breast Cancer by leaps and bounds. He indicated thatpeople can reduce their risk of Cancer by incorporating healthy food in their diet, keeping their weight under control, following a fitness regime and avoiding fatty food,smoking andalcohol.

He wrapped up the session by conveying a strong message that the mortality rate due to Breast Cancer can definitely be reduced. And that can be done, only and only by being aware of symptoms and reporting to the doctor on time. A stitch in time saves nine.

His speech was then followed by an interactive Question & Answer session in which the attendees actively tuned in to resolve their queries.

The webinar had a great impact over the participants. It helped them get liberated from several myths that had captured their thoughts for long. It was a highly insightful webinar that gave the attendees an in-depth knowledge and awareness on Breast Cancer, signs, symptoms and preventive measures.

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