"I believe that the pursuit of truth and right ideas through honest debate and rigorous argument is a noble undertaking.
                                                                                      -Charles Krauthammer                                             

The clement weather of 29th October heralded the Inter-School arena of Mushtaq Naqvi Memorial Debate 2022, hosted by Unity College.

The debate is sponsored by Mr.Shahab Hussain in the loving memory of his reverend Uncle and an acclaimed literary figure Mr. Mushtaq Naqvi Sahab, with an aim to keep his rich literary legacy continue being an inspiration for the generations to come and to provide a creative platform to the students of premier schools. Debating not only sharpens communication skills and opinions but also nurtures students to understand the world around them, develop an openness to the knowledge of one's own and the others as that is what ingrains them to create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect. 

The Chief Guest for the Inauguration of the prestigious event was Dr. Mala Mehra -Principal Hoerner College while for the Prize Distribution was Sr. Vineta Joseph -Principal St. Clare's Convent School. Also present were Mr. Najmul Hasan Rizvi - College Secretary and Dr. S. Kalbe Sibtain Noori - Manager II Shift. Principal Mr. Francis Castelino extended a warm welcome to the distinguished guests, participating teams and escort teachers.

Dr. Mala Mehra fondly recalled Ex Founder President Dr. Kalbe Sadiq Saheb's staunch practices of secularism, service to humanity and time - punctuality. She said that a debate is not a forum to fight, but an exchange of contradictory ideas and opinions in a cordial ambience.

Sr.Vineta Joseph said education is an ever evolving process, from past to present and from present to our future. But the most important thing is to be a good human being, everything good follows you.

In all twelve teams from the cream schools of the city participated - St. Francis, St. Clare’s Convent School, Colvin Taluqdars’ College, CMS Chowk, CMS Rajajipuram-I, LPC Jopling Road, Emma Thompson, Hoerner College, St. Fidelis College, St. Teresa’s Day School and College, Stella Maris School and Unity College. 

The soulful divine renditions of the Quran, the BhagwadGita and the Bible gave a kick off to the programme.The chits were drawn to pick the topic of the day out of four. It was followed by the stipulated time of an hour for preparation. Then began the eloquent articulation of emphatic arguments on the chosen topic ‘THE INDIAN EDUCATION SYSTEM NEEDS A CHANGE.’

The session witnessed a wide spectrum of contrasting views, thoughts and perspectives that enhanced the knowledge and understanding about the inevitable utopia and dystopia of the Indian Education System among students. As the proposition is hot in the present day discussion, the arguments and the counter arguments presented a comprehensive perspective of the positive as well as negative impact of our education system on students and the country at large. It needs a makeover in some aspects. The audience applauded each contest for expressing his/her views with ease and conviction. The most captivating and lively was the Rebuttal Round as each debater, confronting the question, rose to the occasion to defend his argument vehemently. 

The event was judged by the esteemed panel comprising Mr. Girish Chandra - Sr. English Teacher & Cricket Commentator, Ms. NaheedVarma -Sr. Journalist and Counsellor at ICS, and Mr. Ivan Massey -Sr. English Teacher. The judges appreciated all the participants for the brilliant show. They said that everyone is the winner because such competitions are not about winning or losing, but to participate.

The winners of this competition were:
Best Speaker (For): Vatsal Gupta - St. Fidelis College
Best Speaker (Against):Butool Fatima - Unity College
I Runner Up (For):Tooba Ahmad - St. Teresa’s Day School and College
I Runner Up (Against):Suhana Kapoor - CMS Rajajipuram-I
II Runner Up (For): Mujtaba Ali Khan - CMS Chowk
II Runner Up (Against):AditiSrivastav - St. Teresa’s Day School and College
Best Team:Vatsal Gupta &ToobaSiddqui - St. Fidelis College

All the winners received cash vouchers while the Best Team was conferred with the coveted Trophy as well. 

Mr. Rizvi applauded all the debaters along with the winners. He stressed on inculcating communication skills among students and wished them best in their future endeavours.

The competition was an enthralling experience for the speakers as well as the audience. The curtain drew on the arena of words with the words of wisdom for one and all in this era of advanced learning and nail biting competitions.

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