• We expect our students to behave like civilized and polite individuals.
  • Any kind of internal dispute among the students is not appreciated.
  • The students will be required to comply with the orders of the administration and will have to act as per its instructions.
  • If a student causes damage of any kind to the College property, he / she shall be charged for its repair or replacement, as the need be.
  • If a student is late for more than 3 days in a month, he / she will be marked ABSENT and sent back home.
  • If a student leaves the College without permission, he / she shall be responsible in all respects, and disciplinary action shall be initiated against him / her.
  • If a student is found guilty of rudeness / in-subordination / gross misconduct he / she may be asked to be withdrawn immediately from the College. It is without prejudice to other disciplinary action which might be taken by the College. Responsibilities
  • Every student is responsible for the safe custody of his / her belongings. The College will not be responsible for their loss.
  • All books and exercise books must be covered with brown paper.
  • Home work must be done regularly.
  • Students must bring with them a Tiffin box, water bottle and a clean napkin. College staff will neither receive nor deliver the Tiffin to the students during College hours.
  • Pre-Primary students should carry a spare set of clothes with them.
  • Students should not bring more than Rs. 20/- with them.
  • No Jewellery is to be worn; no make-up of any kind or Mehndi is to be used. Nails are to be kept short and clean.
  • Parents to ensure that their ward comes well groomed with neatly and evenly cut hair (Boys) / neatly tied hair (Girls). Punk / Fad haircuts, hair gels, hair colour or any other extreme styles / cuts are not acceptable.
  • Any absence of the student must be explained in the form of a leave note or an application must be sent to the Principal.
  • Parents / Guardians are requested to notify the College of any change in address or telephone number and endorse it in the Student's Diary.
  • Parents to ensure that their ward comes to College on all occasions (Regular days / PTMs / Functions) in neat and proper uniform with his / her ID card.
  • Pre-Primary- Entry of the parents will be allowed only by showing the ID cards issued for Pick up / Collection of their ward. Parents / Guardians / Transport Drivers will drop & pick up their wards from the Channel Gate at the Pre-Primary Section.
  • Classes I - XII- For arrival and dispersal of students from classes I to XII, Parents / Guardians / Transport drivers will not be allowed beyond the Main Gate.
  • Parents / Guardians / Servants should pick up the children on time. No student will be sent home, unless a duly authorised person comes to take him / her. The College does not take responsible for any child after working hours.
  • Parents should ensure the safety of their ward outside the College Gate after DISPERSAL when College is over.
  • The College is not responsible for any Private Transport.
  • Students should help in keeping the class rooms and campus clean.
  • Parents are requested to co-operate with the authorities to ensure discipline and smooth functioning of the College.
  • Discipline is the key-note of the College. The verdict of the Principal will be final in all matters related to academic activities.
  • Leave cannot be claimed as a matter of right. It can be denied if and when deemed necessary by the College.
  • No leave of absence is granted except for serious reasons and with previous written application by parents / guardians. If the student is sick, a medical certificate from a registered medical practitioner must be attached with the application.
  • Parents / Guardians seeking permission with unscheduled / scheduled leaves are required to duly comply with the College leave procedures.
  • Leaves shall not be granted a week before or during the examinations.
  • Disciplinary action will be initiated for not complying with the College calendar of Holidays.
  • L.N. to Prep.: Assessments are carried out by the teacher on day-to-day work and monthly revision tests are taken for promotion to the next class.
  • Class I onwards: Promotion is based on the continuous assessment and terminal examinations. Pupils absent from any examination will not be re-examined. However, if the medical certificate (from a registered medical practitioner) of illness is produced within three days of the absence from the tests, average marks in that subject will be taken into consideration.
  • The evaluation of the work will be on the basis of both, the result of the examinations and the work done during the year. The consolidated marks of the academic year will be the marks considered for promotion. A student must secure 35% marks in every subject for getting promotion. No re-examination is permitted as per College Policy.
  • A student failing twice in his entire association with the College shall not be allowed to continue further. The decision of the Principal with regard to promotion, detention and expulsion shall be final and binding. Please note that those students having failed in securing pass marks in ENGLISH subject will not be promoted to the next class.
  • Failures of class X (ICSE) and XII (ISC) will not be admitted as regular students in the College.
  • College fee is to be deposited with the designated Bank (Presently IDBI Bank, Chowk Branch, Lucknow) on all bank working days from 1st to 20th of every fee payable month between 11.00 a.m. & 2.30 p.m. Fee must be paid regularly and in time when due. If the dues are not cleared, the name of the student shall be struck off on the last day of the month without further notice. Re-admission may be allowed by the Principal, if the seat is still available, on payment of Rs.200/- as the re-admission fee along with dues of the previous month(s). No students will be allowed to appear in the exams or attend the classes unless the fee clearance slip is shown to the class teacher issued by the Accounts Office.
  • All students without any exception will have to deposit the FIRST INSTALLMENT of fee for the session in CASH at the COLLEGE BANK FEE COLLECTION COUNTER or at the designated BANK. Students are advised to obtain the ADMISSION SLIP. Students having this Admission Slip will be ENROLLED and ALLOWED to ATTEND the classes by the Class teachers.
  • Parents/Guardians are requested to deposit the fee as per the chart printed on the pay-in-slip booklet, with the designated Bank. (The pay-in-slip booklet will be supplied by the College). Fee will be accepted in the College office between the 21st and the last working day of the month on payment of FINE of Rs. 100/- for each installment.
  • Please note that Results of Fee Defaulters will not be declared.
  • Parents / Guardians may open their account in the designated bank and pay the fee by A/c Payee cheque. Payment of fee by local nationalized bank cheque will also be accepted.
  • The Name, SR Number, Class and Section of the student(s) should be endorsed on the back of the cheque.
  • Parents/Guardians are advised to pay through crossed cheques only while depositing the fee through their wards. Students are not permitted to bring cash to the College. (See College Regulations)
  • The THIRD CHILD of the same parentage studying in the lowest class will be granted concession in TUITION fee by the school. This Concession will be admissible only after payment of First Installment in FULL for all three siblings.
  • In order to tap the best in the child, maximum co-operation between parents and College authorities is desired. Parents are earnestly requested to see and sign their ward's diary every day and ensure that the lessons and the home-work assigned for the next day are done.
  • The students should be encouraged to cultivate neatness in their work. Parents are requested to monitor their ward's progress on an ongoing basis / regular basis by going through their diary every day.
  • If the student does not make the desired progress, parents should contact the Principal. Private tuition by our staff members is NOT permitted.
  • Criticism of teachers or College in the presence of students is unethical and the parents should refrain themselves from doing so.
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