Education is the key to the development ofa community, society and the country at large. Education is not only limited to how well you can read and write but whether you can communicate with and understand the world around you.
Good education not only teaches you skills but also helps you broaden your horizons, gain better perspective and teaches you to think for yourself. Unfortunately, the overarching problems-concerning each level of education-are quality and pertinence. India bears extensive difficulties in facing the requirements ofa growing and modern workforce.
Even though India has one of the world's largest number of university graduates and post graduates in various streams, we are not able to make each of them employable due to the mismatch between industry needs and school-university pipeline output.
Some of the key factors leading to this situation are listed below for our readers to deliberate and subsequently work upon to overcome them.
•Lack of qua I ity education at school level (conceptual learning Vs prevalent rote learning).
•Inadequate soft skills and specialized skills relevant for the given job.
•The career goals are not decided on the basis of one's own interest, aptitude, competencies, and awareness about future job market trends. Students repeatedly make wrong choices towards the career path due to their own misconceptions, unawareness, peer-pressure, or parents force them to make choices.
•Students target and pursue professions that are over saturated or highly competitive in terms of employability.
•Majority of our students are fit for vocational courses but unfortunately pursuing such courses have become a social stigma even though employability outcome of such courses is very high.
•Unfortunately. instead of taking up vocational courses, majority of the students end up enrolling themselves in substandard courses from substandard institutions/universities where employability outcome is extremely poor.
•Majority of our students are not aware and focused towards public sector or government jobs. They are unaware that large number of government jobs are available after class X & XII through various competitions.
•Students are equally missing on entrepreneurship or selfemployability.
The government has very thoughtfully introduced the "New Education Policy -2020" to address these issues by bridging the gap between educational institutions and employability. The policy is being implemented in schools, colleges, and universities to promote employability driven quality education.
Unity College is already well aligned with the objective of the New Education Policy and is working along with teachers and parents towards the holistic development of its students. We at Unity College stand committed to giving better facilities to students in Academics, Sports, Cultural, Technical, Multi-Media, Arts, Social and Cultural Activities which would help them to discover their areas of interest. We arc working to enhance the quality of employability driven education at Unity. This is inclusive of active participation of our students in sports, extracurricular and literary activities. Inculcation of Strong Character Traits, Moral Values, Personality Development, Strong Communication Skills, Computer Literacy, Creativity, and Career Guidance are well integrated in this development process.
This magazine showcases the milestones covered by the College towards grooming our students to become productive human capital for our nation.
This would not have been possible but for the sacrifices, dedication, perseverance, and well-planned concerted efforts of all the stake-holders. I pray and wish them great success ahead in this endeavour.
Thank you and kind regards

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