As the Principal of the College, 1 feel honoured and privileged to be a part of an educational institution where the teaching - learning strategies are in line with the NEP 2020. No doubt, the NEP brings about a revolutionary change in society by making education accessible and affordable to all, and accountable too. Its practical approach of sustainable development transforms India into a vibrant society by making education more holistic, flexible and multidisciplinary, while bringing out the unique capabilities of each student to fit in the 21st century multiple, novel avenues.
In sync with the motto of NEP "Educate Encourage Enlighten", Unity College religiously believes in the incredible power of Education. In the words of Founder President (Late) Dr. S. Kalbe Sadiq, "Ignorance and poverty are the enemies of a community. It can be swept away by education only as it is the most promising tool for progress and power. justice and integrity." Truly, the root of all empowerment lies in Education. The College aims to deliver high-quality and equitable education which motivates and empowers our students to be lifelong learners and productive members of the society. At Unity, Education is not just the amount of information that is put into a child's brain. Our education system is the one that caters to the individual needs of our students via a number of counselling and career guidance programmes like Rehnuma Mentorship, Aliens, CST. etc.
In the present progressive era where every moment brings in a new innovation in technology, the College adopted the latest paradigm shift to digital platforms to provide ample opportunities to students to grasp and think critically and lead the learning process that is at par with the hi-competitive erudition. Our objective is not only to facilitate the top quality education and produce successful professionals but also to stimulate the holistic growth of a child who will one day prove to be a model citizen of the Country. As we introspect on the last productive years, we find it gratifying that the academic progress of the College is marked by imbibing in its students value based education synergized with modern teaching-learning technology to produce a generation ofwel I informed and emotionally sound generation.
The teachers at Unity are exceptionally competent and possess expertise in their individual fields, strive hard to concentrate on each and every child, monitor and mentor them, appreciate their achievement and encourage them to overcome their shortcomings. Besides. all the teachers are given equal opportunities to evolve new ways of teaching, keeping in mind the modules of National Education Policy 2020. Regular Teacher Training programmes and Orientations ensure substantial support to each student's learning experience through quality instruction and guidance that addresses each student's specific needs both academically and socially. Even the parents' contribution is roped in via orientations and seminars to ensure their active support in the education of their wards and the College activities as well.
We. the Unity Family, firmly believe that in the dictum of the Quote:
"Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success." I wish my team the best of dividends in achieving the pinnacles of success which our College reckons and aspires for. With best wishes and God's blessings!!!

Francis Castelino

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